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Here’s a new trailer for Bridesmaids, which you should be interested in because it’s directed by Freaks & Geeks creator Paul Feig and because in our review of the film from SXSW here, Matt Patches went crazy for it and called the movie a “must-see”. Unfortunately you won’t see a lot of must-see material in this teaser.

This attempt at advertising the movie isn’t bad, the movie’s first trailer was simply better. I’d describe this one as merely affable. Actually this Bridesmaids trailer seems more likely to play well with women, which might explain the kinder, gentler approach taken with this one. Ok technically it does contain vomiting, but mostly offscreen vomiting. The kind even your mother might love.

Watch the new trailer for Bridesmaids embedded below:

Bridesmaids arrives in theaters May 13th. For more on the movie visit its page in our BFD.