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Brit Marling Reteams With Another Earth Director For Sci-Fi Drama I Origins

Mike Cahill grabbed Sundance and the indie world by the brain with his thoughtful and emotional 2011 sci-fi drama Another Earth, co-written and starring Brit Marling. When we found out Cahill’s next film would also blend science with human drama, it was almost comforting to see the filmmaker stick with potentially familiar subject matter. And thankfully that’s not all he’s sticking with.

Marling will be back to star in Cahill’s I Origins, which will be produced by Verisimilitude and WeWork Studio. Deadline reports she’s far from alone. Michael Pitt, most recognizable for his work on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, has also joined the cast, along with Steven Yeun, who’s on a break during The Walking Dead’s long hiatus. The Good Wife’s Archie Panjabi and Astrid Bergès-Frisbey from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will also star. That’s quite a bit of talent-driven casting all in one swoop.

The film, written by Cahill, has an intriguing synopsis. A molecular biologist (Pitt) works with his brilliant lab partner (Marling) to make a discovery that could have historical damaging ramifications. They travel to meet with an Indian girl who is the only person available to prove or disprove their theories. It’s about people. It’s about connections. I’m sure whatever they discover is going to be cool and ground-breaking, but only so far as to service the character-guided plot. This is both an educated guess and wishful thinking here.

Still no word on when production will begin, sadly. Just go back and watch Another Earth again in the meantime.

Nick Venable

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