Bruce Willis And Patrick Alessandrin Further Kill Kane & Lynch By Moving On To Ten

Did any of you see Bruce Willis on the Daily Show last night? The guy has been out there relentlessly promoting RED lately, from participating in press conferences last Saturday to the talk show circuit, and you couldn't blame him for being a little worn out by now. Basically he came out to Jon Stewart's desk and laughed along while Stewart cracked jokes, to the point that who segments would just be the two staring at each other and giggling. It was kind of nice, actually-- Bruce Willis has gotten to the point where he doesn't have to rely on pre-planned chatter, but can just show up on a talk show and rely on his own charisma to fill up the allotted time.

All this is a way of saying that Willis is doing pretty damn well right now, and regardless of whether or not RED is a hit when it opens next week, he's setting the pieces in place for what's next. He already confirmed that Die Hard 5 would probably start filming next year, and now Deadline now reports that he and producer Joe Roth have set up the project Ten a drama that starts shooting in December.

The Deadline piece goes into much more detail about the history between Willis and Roth, who helped him get out of a commitment to a stinker and wind up as the lead in Armageddon, than Ten itself, so I've got no more detail for you on the actual project. Oddly enough, though, the director will be Patrick Alessandrin, who torpedoed what would have been Willis's next project when he walked away from directing Kane & Lynch just a month before production was set to start. They had already been planning to delay production while searching for another director, but with Alessandrin and Willis jumping in to Ten together, this might be the final gasp for Kane & Lynch. The script comes from The A-Team and X-Men Origins: Wolverine writer Skip Woods, so you are invited to be skeptical from here on out.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend