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It was kind of a bait-and-switch a few weeks ago when movie sites were were reporting the design of Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern costume, only to tell you the costume will be done in CGI, so no one has actually seen it. Joke's on you! Luckily we have more satisfying superhero clothes news for you this time around. JoBlo's Mike Sampson reports that he's somehow gotten his hands on an approved concept design for the costume in First Avenger: Captain America, and is providing a description in the kind of detail that would make Women's Wear Daily proud.

Apparently the origin story will include two different costumes-- a flashy one assigned to Steve Rogers by the military when he starts making USO appearances, and a second, more utilitarian and modern one, that Rogers designs himself once he's called into active duty in World War II. Many of the original details are in place, including the white star in the middle of his chest, the blue pants, and even a version of the old-school utility belt, which most modern superheroes have ditched. The biggest difference seems to be that the classic helmet with the gold wings on either side has been replaced by a more functional Army helmet, albeit one altered to come over Cap's eyes, providing that much-needed superhero anonymity.

You can read about it all in much greater detail at JoBlo, though sadly, there are no pictures. Coming up with costumes is one of the more interesting dilemmas for modern superhero movies, since what works on the comics page-- bright colors, tight spandex, gigantic muscles-- rarely translates to the movies. The Green Lantern team is taking an interesting gamble with the all-CGI costume idea, though since Cap is a more traditional hero, it makes sense for him to have a more traditional costume. Any diehard Steve Rogers fans want to argue that making any changes to the classic look is blasphemy? Or are you ready for a little fresh air in here?

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