It’s been known since early 2008 that the classic Johnny Depp TV series 21 Jump Street was getting the big screen reboot treatment with Jonah Hill as the film’s driving force in the screenwriter and executive producer roles. But yesterday it was finally announced that the rotund funny man would be starring in the film alongside emotionless meat head Channing Tatum.

The announcement comes from Sony’s Twitter account so they didn’t really get into the roles the pair would play, but it’s been rumored for quite some time the Hill would take over the role originally played by Johnny Depp, as an undercover cop infiltrating a high school. Though with Tatum on the roster, it may make more sense to put him in the lead despite his inability to act his way out of a Colgate commercial.

Jump Street is scheduled to start lensing next year, and most recently lost the hyper-talented Emma Stone to the Spider-Man reboot. Also announced earlier this year is that there will be no old characters save for the rumored Johnny Depp cameo, which is in the script but has yet to be confirmed. Presumably the delay is due to scheduling issues with Depp since he’s publicly said he’d love to do it.

There’s still a long way to go before 21 Jump Street gets moving, but we’ll keep you posted as the news happens so stick around.

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