Channing Tatum Developing A Peter Pan Origin Story

Just yesterday I wrote an article about Josh Brolin doing an adaptation of The Hunch Back of Notre Dame and commented that Victor Hugo's story is one of those that, for as long as film is around, will be retold time after time, each version trying to keep up with the times and change the story for modern audiences. Today we get yet another one.

THR is reporting that a new adaptation of J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan is in the works and is being developed by writer Billy Ray, producer Joe Roth and actor Channing Tatum. Though little is known about the film in terms of plot details, it's being sold with the title Peter Pan Begins and is expected to be an origin story. This type of project has been Roth's bread and butter as of late, as he also served as producer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and is also behind Oz: The Great and Powerful and Snow White and the Huntsman.

The article doesn't specify if Tatum will act in the film or will act as a producer, but one really has to hope for the latter. Peter Pan has always been portrayed as a small, young kid (in stage versions it's normal for him to be played by a woman), and Tatum is a 30-year-old dude who is built to be an action star. Please don't let this project be as lame as it sounds.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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