Check Out The New Trailer For Cabin In the Woods, If You Dare

Before I go any further, you need to decide how much you want to know about Cabin in the Woods. The long-delayed project directed by Drew Goddard, and co-written by Goddard and Joss Whedon, has already been promised as a horror movie with a unique twist in the first trailer, and rave reviews from Butt-numb-a-thon last December say the movie follows through on its potential. But some might argue that even knowing Cabin in the Woods has a twist at all is knowing too much, and that the first trailer gives away too much. So decide how spoiler-averse you are before checking out the latest 60-second trailer for the movie, which debuted at FearNet and is embedded below. Do you trust the people marketing the movie not to ruin it, or do you run far away from any info? Decide, and we'll talk more below.

I've seen Cabin in the Woods-- though I'm not allowed to talk much about it-- and I actually don't think this trailer gives away too much. The fact that there's something unusual happening in this horror movie setup is revealed from the very beginning, and the really fun twists of the story-- along with the best jokes-- aren't spoiled here at all. The generic title and setup of hot kids in a haunted house are all deliberate, but it's hard to sell that without giving away a little bit of what the movie's twist is.

Cabin in the Woods will be opening the SXSW film festival later this week, so you can expect reviews-- including mine!-- to go online starting Saturday. I don't plan to spoil anything in my review though, and I strongly suggest you not seek out spoilers yourself. Cabin in the Woods is very much worth seeing, and while these trailers don't spoil too much, more info will become harder to avoid after the big premiere. Luckily the movie opens at last on April 13, so you won't have to duck spoilers for too much longer.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend