Warner Home Entertainment has picked the perfect month to revisit horror films. In October, the studio will release Chernobyl Diaries onto Blu-Ray and DVD. The story of six tourists running into danger in the abandoned Ukrainian city of Prypiat grossed a modest $18 million dollars at the box office, which is a little low for a film by Oren Peli, otherwise known as the guy who has created and directed each of the installments in the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Despite the low box office, Chernobyl Diaries is a film you will have to see if you are into either low budget horror or have the rare obsession of stalking ghost towns on the Internet. Prypiat is one of the cooler ghost towns, also featuring a ghost amusement park which briefly appears in the film. It’s so creepy, in fact, I’m surprised there haven’t been widely released horror films shot in the abandoned city, prior. Regardless of the flick’s subpar performances—yes, Dream Street’s Jesse McCartney has a lead in this film—it’s certainly still worth a watch.

If you are interested in nabbing a copy of the film, Warner Home Entertainment will release the title on October 16. Likely because the film did not score at the box office, the disc will be pretty sparse. However, for fans who weren’t keen on the original ending, Warner will provide an alternate ending to the film. A deleted scene and several smaller extras will round out the bonus features.

Chernobyl Diaries Bonus Features
  • Alternate ending
  • "Uri's Extreme Tours" infomercial
  • Chernobyl Conspiracy video
  • Deleted scene

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