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Disney is developing a sea-faring drama The Finest Hours, a Coast Guard drama about a real-life 1952 tragedy. Robert Schwentke (R.I.P.D.) was originally attached to direct, though he is now helming Insurgent, taking him out of the running. Still, Disney continues, un-bothered, and have found a brand new creative team to come aboard the film.

THR reports that Chris Pine is in talks to star in the nautical thriller, with Craig Gillespie directing. The film tells the story of a furious 1952 storm that split two oil tankers in two. It was up to the Coast Guard to come to the rescue. If you're doing the math at home, that's four full rescues. Very exciting: will one of them be carrying Pine's girlfriend? Maybe his dad? The material is based on a non-fiction account by Michael Sherman and Casey T. Tougias, and has been adapted for the screen by Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson (The Fighter).

The question that hangs in the air is, "Chris Pine: Leading man?" He's got a hand in the success of the two Star Trek films, which grossed a combined $852 million in their theatrical runs alone. Beyond that, he's already sunk the burgeoning Jack Ryan franchise, and doesn't have much of a box office standing aside from those films. He was invisible as Denzel Washington's sidekick in Unstoppable and his lead role in the dismissable People Like Us was generally ignored by everyone. And the less said about This Means War, the better.

This is a gamble by both Disney and Pine that the actor will return to leading man status after a colorful batch of supporting roles. He'll show up in Craig Zobel's Z For Zarchariah, and this fall he'll be showing a lighter side in Into The Woods and Horrible Bosses 2. Beyond that, hey, maybe Stretch will get released. As a good looking young guy with some audience recognition and a franchise at your side, you're never going to be looking for work, even though moviegoers would be hard-pressed to name a "Chris Pine movie."

Gillespie's next is Million Dollar Arm, which is said to be the sleeper of the summer by some. He's had a varied career, working in horror (Fright Night), comedy (Mr. Woodcock) and Gosling (Lars And The Real Girl). Studios have been high on him for awhile: he was long linked to the aborted Pride And Prejudice And Zombies adaptation, and is frequently mentioned on studio shortlists for major jobs. If Million Dollar Arm hits, (and tracking says that it just might) The Finest Hours could be just one of many projects lined up for the talented filmmaker. Here's the Million Dollar Arm trailer. Does it float your boat?

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