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Christian Bale Gave That Guy What He Deserved

By now you’ve heard the audio of Christian Bale’s angry outburst on the set of Terminator Salvation. If you haven’t heard it, then you can listen to it here. Just if you want to. Apparently by telling you this audio exists, by informing you of something which is on the minds of a lot of other movie fans right now, I’m some sort of sell-out. At least that’s the gist of a new editorial from AICN in which site owner Harry Knowles explains why he’s not reporting on this… while at the same time reporting on it.

In fact he’s not just reporting on it, he’s adding new information to it. Wait no he can’t be reporting on it because as Knowles explains in his traditional, oversized font, it “isn't cool news”. Got it. So AICN is absolutely not reporting at all that they have the real scoop on this whole Christian Bale thing, even though they are, so look to them for all the latest news on it because they’re too good to report on something so lowbrow.

Confused? Yeah me too.

Their confusing posturing seems tailor made to convince Christian Bale they’re his best friend or something. Maybe they’ll get an exclusive interview with him out of it, or an early Terminator Salvation screening. Countdown till that happens starts now. But amidst their grandstanding they do offer an explanation for why Bale got a little pissed. They claim to have had an inside source on the set, and their source says the guy Bale chewed out fucking deserved it. Who knows? Maybe he did.

Honestly I don’t get why there’s so much hoopla over this thing to begin with. I have no problem reporting it, because it is news and it’s news because people are interested in it… each for their own reasons. Personally I’m always interested in whatever goes on behind the scenes of any set, good or bad. It’s always interesting to see how the whole thing comes together. But I don’t really get the public’s desire to rip Christian Bale for getting a little pissed off at work. What, you’ve never gotten mad at your boss or a co-worker? Never yelled at the guy in the next cubicle over? It happens, people get on each others’ nerves when they work in close quarters. And it’s not like Bale was screaming at some guy for bringing him the wrong jelly donut. Christian Bale cares about what he does, and so he’s passionate about it. He took it seriously. The guy screwed up something he was working hard on, and he popped off. Big deal. Interesting from the perspective of what goes on behind the scenes but hardly cause to string Bale up as some sort of villain.

There, now maybe we’ll be next in line behind AICN when it comes time for Christian Bale to hand those exclusive interviews out.