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Christopher Guest Favorite Bob Balaban Joins Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom

Christopher Guest regular Bob Balaban has joined Wes Anderson’s already in progress Moonrise Kingdom. The acclaimed producer and favorite of Woody Allen’s will play a yet undetermined role opposite Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Bruce Willis and Frances McDormand. Regardless of who he ends up portraying, Balaban seems a natural fit for Wes Anderson’s style of humor. The stranger a screenplay gets, the more imperative straight men become, and there’s perhaps no better straight man working in Hollywood today than Bob Balaban. With his trademark confused, elitist blank stare, he brings a measure of unintentional comedy to any scene.

Moonrise Kingdom follows a frantic search for two missing twelve year olds who willingly left their small New England community. They fell in love and wanted some space, but the recovery team, lead by Bruce Willis’ sheriff and the girl’s parents played by Frances McDormand and Bill Murray, won’t let the pair escape that easily.

According to The Indie Wire, filming began on Moonrise Kingdom almost a month ago and should continue through much of the summer. It’s being handled by Focus Features who plan on rolling the film into theaters next year. Those who have read the screenplay seem to be very enthusiastic about the project, which is good news for Wes Anderson’s fans who haven’t seen a new live action offering in five years.

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