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it's tempting to want to get all your Batman and Superman news straight from the horse's mouth by hearing from Christopher Nolan, who is busy prepping one superhero film to direct and another to produce for director Zack Snyder. But they say behind every great man is a great woman and that may be especially true for Nolan, whose wife Emma Thomas produces all his films, is an important creative collaborator, and maybe even most importantly, is far more willing to talk to the press.

At a big event for Inception in Hollywood this week, Hitfix talked to Thomas about a few things, including how her husband will juggle directing duties on The Dark Knight Rises and producing Superman with Snyder. Many of us had assumed that Nolan would be taking a very active role on Superman, but as Thomas puts it, it may be a lot more of Snyder's film than we had expected. She explained that they have secured a great script form David Goyer and now "we are handing it off to [Snyder]." Those of us with far more faith in Nolan's filmmaking abilities than Snyder's probably ought to wring our hands right about now.

Then again, I had been wondering this whole time how Nolan and Snyder would manage to work together, given their wildly different approaches to filmmaking and what seem to be different philosophies on how to construct blockbusters. So now we know: they won't work together at all, but operate on different elements of a movie so big it needs plenty of people to steer it. It's not automatically a good or bad thing, but something worth puzzling over as Superman heads toward production next year.

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