The Coen brothers have dabbled a bit in horror movies, most notably in their films Blood Simple, Barton Fink and No Country For Old Men. These projects have some recognizable elements, including mentally unstable killers, forces of evil and an irrepressible sense of dread, but the Oscar winning siblings have never gone for a full on horror genre film. That may change soon.

The Coens recently revealed their future plans beyond True Grit to Empire and, somewhat surprisingly, revealed that one script they are writing has designs to scare the shit out of you. According to the directing pair, they're currently working on a couple of projects, one of which, Ethan says, "would be fair to call a full-on horror movie." Beyond that, the brothers also confirmed that their sequel to Barton Fink, titled Old Fink, is still in the works, but John Turturro isn't yet old enough for them to go into production.

Quickly consider how great nearly every Coen brothers movie is. Now, take that idea and apply it to the thought of them purposely trying to make you fill your pants with excrement. Movie theaters across the country are going to need to start buying replacement cushions for their seats en masse.

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