Colin Farrell Rumored As Sherlock's Watson

Guy Ritchie’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie is turning into the new JLA. Every night there’s a new casting rumor, and every morning there’s some bespeckled blogger there waving around a piece of paper to debunk it. Here’s the latest: Colin Farrell will play Dr. Watson.

This particular rumor comes from the stalwart folks at JoBlo, where they insist they’re sure this is the real deal. If it’s true, then Farrell would be playing sidekick to Robert Downey Jr., who is already cast as the titular Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Watson’s role in the classic Holmes stories is primarily to chronicle Sherlock’s story. The books are written by him from his perspective, as the guy who Sherlock Holmes bounces ideas off of. He’s also a medical doctor, and definitely nothing like Colin Farrell. Farrell was genius in fucking Bruges though. Have you seen it? You should.

Farrell may not be much of a doctor, but he can throw a mean right hook, and as we’ve already heard this is going to be some sort of actioned-up, Kung Fu version of the classic Holmes story. I guess that means Holmes won’t be doing any violin playing, but he’ll probably still snort cocaine.

For now, the rumor’s not official, and it won’t be until the cast is announced by someone who knows something (deliciously vague). Downey is the only big name castmember known to be a lock, though Russell Crowe’s name is still floating around the rumormill as probable for Moriarty (who according to MH won’t be a big part of the film).

Josh Tyler