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One of the big pieces of speculation surrounding Tron: Legacy, from the beginning, is just exactly what role Jeff Bridges will play in the movie. In the original Tron he played two roles. He was the human Kevin Flynn, sucked into the computer world, but he was also very briefly Clu, a computer program designed by Flynn. In the computer world, a program created by someone usually ends up looking exactly like them.

For a long time the speculation has been that Clu will be back in Tron: Legacy and that Bridges will again play dual roles, with Clu somehow having turned evil to become the movie’s villain and Flynn having gone inside the computer to fight against him. Today at Comic Con during the Tron: Legacy panel at least part of that was confirmed. Jeff Bridges will indeed play both Clu and Kevin Flynn in the movie. What’s more while Kevin Flynn will be the same age as the now 61-year-old Bridges, Clu will still be a much younger Bridges, a 35-year younger Bridges. Jeff was in his twenties when he first made Tron so this must same Clu from that movie. Is he the villain? We don't know, but something’s definitely up here if they’re going through the trouble to de-age him.

Here's a look at the character who many believe is Clu in the Tron: Legacy trailer:

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