On Preview Night, from the first moment the doors open, the exhibit hall at San Diego Comic Con is so nightmarishly crowded you consider yourself lucky just to move forward sometimes. I witnessed a security guard actually shout at a woman in a motorized scooter for going the wrong way, and moments later, another man tear through a line of people patiently waiting, screaming "I've got to get out of here!" 5 minutes into the first official event of Comic Con, and I'd seen my first full-fledged panic attack.

But the mayhem of the exhibit floor turns out to be worth it, since it's packed with booths that are themselves packed with cool stuff, as far as you can see. It's impossible to see everything in one trip through it, especially when it's as crowded as preview night, but I ducked through the mob tonight to get shots of all the movie-related booths, including big displays for Looper, Total Recall and Iron Man 3, the Hobbit character posters you can see here, and a few neat toys from The Dark Knight Rises, if you're in to the kind of thing. Check out the gallery below for all the goodies, and keep coming back for much more of, well, everything from Comic Con.

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