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We’ve already brought you some of the posters Robert Rodriguez unveiled at the San Diego Comic Con Red Sonja panel here, but this is a panel that deserves coverage that goes a little more in depth. Now that the CB Con team is back from San Diego (apparently just in time to miss the earthquake), we’re going to hit the highlights on some of the panels we attended which, like Red Sonja, deserve more attention.

I could go into detail by providing some sort of a transcript or by boring you to death with an endless string of quotes, but it’s early in the development process and real details on the film are few and far between. What you really need to know about Red Sonja is simply this: Robert Rodriguez loves this project. Red Sonja was the first big panel I attended at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and it ended up being one of the most entertaining as well. Producer Robert Rodriguez showed up with Red Sonja’s star Rose McGowan and his director Douglas Aarniokoski, but Robert and Rose dominated the conversation.

Rodriguez was as always, entertaining and enlightening. McGowan was, well, a little weird. But it was obvious that the panel had chemistry and Rodriguez gushed about how excited he was about this thing. His enthusiasm quickly rubbed off on the audience, as he talked a little about what it was that first got him interested in Conan. For him, this is a movie he’s lusted after since he was a kid, reading Robert E. Howard’s original books and the Conan comic books. Rodriguez explained: “When you read those Savage Sword of Conan, there would be an ad for a subscription, that would show Red Sonja holding up a severed head, showing it to Conan. And it said ‘Get ahead in life! Order your subscription to Savage Sword of Conan!’ I remember looking at this woman and thinking, oh my god, this is like a fantasy woman. Strong. Even Conan’s looking up at her, she’s just this amazing force of nature. So that’s just been in my dream, fantasies, for all time.”

Robert doesn’t just love Conan, he actually lives in Sumeria. No really. He built his house quite literally on the place which was Howard’s inspiration for Conan’s fictional world. This is a passion for him, and you can bet he’ll do it justice. So it should be no surprise that even though he’s officially credited as a “producer” on the film, he’ll be doing a lot more than that. He’ll be unofficially co-directing as well, and the only reason he isn’t doing so in name as well as fact is that the movie’s credited director Douglas Aarniokoski is a member of the DGA, and in order to co-direct it with Rodriguez he’d have to leave the guild. That’s how into this Rodriguez really is, he’s working on the thing uncredited… and he’ll be loving every second of it.

Rose McGowan is less of a super fan of the property, but she’s a super fan of being a bad ass chick. She talked endlessly about wearing freaky, metal bikini’s and cutting people up with a sword, and seemed so into it I wouldn’t have been surprised to see her leap over the table and behead one of the front row photographers.

I’m not going to bore you to death with more endless details. Just remember this: Whether or not you’re a Conan fan, make it a point to see Red Sonja when it finally hits theaters in 2010. You can count on Robert Rodriguez to deliver all the sword slashing, barbaric fun you’d expect from a movie about a scantily clad female barbarian killer. McGowan really summed it up the best in the panel when she said: “This movie is going to be hard, and cold. It’s going to be dirty, it’s going to be bloody… but I’m all for it.” Heck yeah.

Speaking of front row beheadings, scroll through the image gallery below to get a look at what we saw from our seat safely in the Red Sonja second row.
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