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Comic Con: Rosario Dawson's OCT Moves Forward

Rosario Dawson seems to epitomize what a girl should be. She loves Quentin Tarantino films; she has a great, dry sense of humor; and she’s got two of the nicest breasts I’ve ever seen. Hell, she even loves comic books. That’s probably a gigantic pro for most guys, but seeing as how I hate Spider-Man and all of his super buddies, that’s a big con. Still, you can’t blame a girl for being who she is, and Rosario Dawson is, at heart, a huge comic book fan.

According to Cinematical, the Clerks 2 actress will have her “Occult Crimes Taskforce” comic books adapted into a movie. Don’t get too excited just yet though. Dawson recently said that there’s still some contractual issues to work out and a writer has not even been hired. Still, the fact that things seem to have gotten as far as they have is a great sign for anyone who’s ever given their allowance to The Green Hornet.

If everything continues moving forward as planned, I would say it’s possible that this could make an appearance sometime around Christmas of next year. Or a more realistic estimate would probably be Summer of 2009. If it shows up, I'll probably see it, but it definitely won’t be my idea.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

Enthusiastic about Clue, case-of-the-week mysteries, the NBA and cookies at Disney World. Less enthusiastic about the pricing structure of cable, loud noises and Tuesdays.