Cool 3D Television Ad Takes Unique Angle On Three Classic Movie Posters

In the era of Mondo movie posters, we’re always looking for the next creative way for us to celebrate our favorite movies in a visual fashion. These images of three iconic movie posters are part of an advertisement campaign for the LG Home Theater 3D, teasing how the technology lets you look at classic images from a fresh angle. But maybe we’re hitting on a new trend, because I can think of countless posters I suddenly want to see from this perspective.

Of course, you’re looking at Uma Thurman as The Bride from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films; Tom Hanks sitting on the bench as Forrest Gump; and Julia Roberts leaning on Richard Gere for the classic comedy Pretty Woman. It’s a damn clever campaign, which was posted on, and it actually makes me want to try a 3D television set, even though I know it’s physically impossible for the technology to allow me to stand behind these movie characters and look at the world the way that they’d see it.

I wish we knew who designed the posters, because I’d love to turn them loose on a Jaws poster that looks down, into the water, at the massive shark which is ascending toward the surface. Or how about a Wizard of Oz poster that looks over the shoulders of Dorothy and her companions to get a unique glimpse of the yellow-brick road. The possibilities are endless. Share your wishes below, and enjoy the three that were used in the very cool advertisement above.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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