As Cool As I Am Trailer Makes Claire Danes And James Marsden Into Bad Parents

Being a teenager is hard. We’ve seen examples of it time and time again, both on film and in real life. Teenagers in broken homes have it even worse, as we’ve also seen on film a bunch of times. So in order to stand out in the crowd, a movie that centers on this kind of storyline has to pull some tricks to be heard above the din.

I’m not sure if the above trailer for As Cool As I Am does that exactly. The film is adapted from the 1994 novel by Pete Fromm (opens in new tab) with a screenplay from Virginia Korus Spragg (An Unfinished Life), and Max Mayer (Adam) directing. Sarah Bolger (The Moth Diaries) plays Lucy Diamond, a teenage girl who suddenly finds herself reaching maturity just as her parents, played by Claire Danes (Homeland) and James Marsden (Robot and Frank), are losing theirs.

Apparently the deal here is the parents were teenagers when Danes got pregnant. They did the responsible thing and got married, but come to the realization that they probably aren’t meant to grow old together. Unfortunately, they go about their lapse in matrimony as if they don’t have a daughter watching their every move. It looks like Danes starts messing around with a guy played by Jeremy Sisto – named Guy, appropriately enough. While Lucy is trying to figure out her own life, possibly with one of the high school boys giving her attention, she is having to raise her own parents. Peter Fonda, Thomas Mann and Jon Tenny also star.

I’m not fond of the quick-flashing emotionally-charged words flashing across the screen, and this trailer does feature Marsden throwing something into the back of his truck on two separate occasions. But so long as Bolger stays far away from melodrama, I think this has the power to wow a few viewers at least. Depressed teenage girls need movies, too, right? As Cool As I Am will hit theaters on June 21st.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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