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Comedian Dane Cook’s acting jobs have mainly consisted of comedies, with his most notable dramatic role bordering between drama and comedy as Steve Carell’s character’s brother Mitch in Dan in Real Life. Based on this trailer for the upcoming drama Answers to Nothing, viewers will see Cook’s serious side as there doesn’t seem to be a trace of comedy in the role he plays.

Directed and written by Matthew Leutwyler, Answers to Nothing centers around a group of people whose lives are connected by a missing girl case. In addition to Cook, the cast also includes Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz, Barbara Hershey, and Zach Gilford. Here’s the trailer, which Yahoo posted this week.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Cook’s character Ryan is married to Elizabeth Mitchell’s character Kate, and Julie Benz is the detective working on the missing girl case. As a fan of movies with intertwining stories, this one sounds interesting but from the look of it, it could be really dark, which might be a good thing, or it’ll just be really depressing.

While the trailer says “Coming Soon,” IMDB has the film’s release date set at December 2nd.