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If you're like me, you watched the extended footage of The Goon from last summer's Comic Con and wondered aloud, "Why the fuck isn't this a movie yet?" Despite featuring the voice talents of Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown; being supported by David Fincher; and being based on the screamingly hilarious comic series by Eric Powell, the project has yet to find anyone to back it. Lucky for us, though, Fincher still has a passion for getting it done.

AICN recently spoke with the director who, while still excited by the prospect of getting a film version of the comic made, also understands what's holding it back: the lack of family-friendly content. Quick to point out that the story isn't "adult animation" a la Fritz The Cat, the content is targeted towards an older audience and, as he says, "Animation that isn’t singing furry animals is hard." The script was shopped around at the end of last year, and while Fincher doesn't know if anybody was paying attention, he's still hopeful that someone will give it a shot.

I've posted the extended footage below because I can't honestly understand why anyone wouldn't want to see it as a feature film. Here's hoping that someone somewhere eventually decides to make the smartest decision of their life and takes a gamble on The Goon.

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