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David Hasselhoff And Ray Liotta To Play Themselves In Joe Carnahan's Stretch

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg hit on something brilliant with their recently-released horror comedy This Is The End: it's awesome to watch movies with actors playing crazy, screwed up versions of themselves. There are plenty of examples of it throughout pop culture history (let's not forget the ridiculously awesome Neil Patrick Harris cameos in the Harold and Kumar trilogy), but Rogen and Goldberg played the gag to perfection in their directorial debut. Thanks to their film's success, we knew it wouldn't be long until another filmmaker seemingly caught a bit of inspiration - and that day has apparently come.

According to The Wrap, both Ray Liotta and David Hasselhoff have boarded the upcoming action comedy Stretch from director Joe Carnahan, and apparently they will both be playing themselves in the movie. What's more, the cast has also added actor Shaun Toub, and the director has announced via Twitter that Iron Man 3's James Badge Dale has come aboard as well.

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The film stars Patrick Wilson as Stretch, a down-on-his-luck limo driver with a bit of a gambling problem. When he discovers that he is only one job away from paying off his bookie, he takes a gig escorting a mysterious billionaire (Chris Pine) with some bizarre tastes. As the night progresses, things get weirder and more crazy, as Stretch finds himself stuck with the client from hell. The latest casting report doesn't mention how Liotta, Hasselhoff or Dale will fit into the movie, but notes that Toub will be the "no-nonsense owner of the limo company" that Stretch works for.

The casting process has been going on for months now, with Wilson having signed on to the movie all the way back in November of last year, but the project has really been getting up and running over the last couple months, having also added both Brooklyn Decker and Ed Helms to the lineup. The film is being made with a low budget as a co-production between Universal and Blumhouse and cameras are scheduled to start rolling on Sunday. Universal has already announced that the movie will be coming out on March 21, 2014, a date that puts it in direct competition with both the anticipated young adult novel adaptation Divergent as well as the James Bobin-directed sequel Muppets Most Wanted.

Some of you may remember that Hasselhoff actually just played himself in a movie recently, having starred as a water park lifeguard in the horror movie Piranha 3DD. Feel free to revisit those memories with the trailer below.

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