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Deathly Hallows 2 Is Shortest Harry Potter Movie Yet

It’s true. The final installment in one of the most beloved series of all time, Harry Potter, will be the shortest one yet. The British Board of Film Classification, en route to giving Deathly Hallows Part 2 a 12A rating in the UK, revealed the movie's running time to be two hours and ten minutes. That's nearly 40 minutes less than its Part 1 predecessor and around eight minutes shy of the length of the next shortest, Order of the Phoenix.

Now hold your horses and don’t jump right onto the “WTF?!?!” train. Think for a moment about exactly what they need to accomplish in that time. Remember that the epic battle for Hogwarts takes up a pretty huge portion of the end of the book, and decide how much of that you really want to see. Rest assured that a good chunk of time will be dedicated to that battle, and trust that J.K. Rowling won’t let the conclusion to her epic series be ruined simply by a short running time.

So take a breath, sit back, cool off, and don’t let your initial rage get the best of you (I admit it was hard for me to do the same). Part 1 was fantastic, the most faithful to the novel since Chamber of Secrets, and should indicate how accurate Part 2 will be. Go pre-buy your tickets and just be excited to see the end of the saga finally come to fruition.