Guillermo del Toro is insanely busy. At least half the stories we’ve done on this site over the past month have contained his name. Of course the month is only 7 days old and I’m prone to extreme exaggeration. Still, the guy’s schedule has to be pretty crazy. He’s producing, he’s directing, he’s writing, he’s a man in demand and he’s not slowing down. For his next trick, he’s resurrecting an old British TV show and bringing it to the big screen.

Variety say del Toro will write, direct, and produce a sci-fi/action flick called Champions, based on the 1968 British cult TV show The Champions. The show combined the spy genre with superpowers by telling the story of three secret agents who suffer a plane crash in the Himalayas where they’re rescued by a monk who gives them super powers. Endowed with super-strength, telepathy, ESP, and heightened senses they go back to work spying. And if the villains were to wear giant Teddy Bear outfits, I might have an Avengers flashback. Scuse me while I shudder.

Really though, it sounds more like a British knockoff of The Fantastic Four than anything. I wonder what Guillermo sees in it? Maybe he saw The Fantastic Four and thought “fuck this man I can do it better.” Much as I enjoyed Fantastic Four on a dumb, fluff entertainment level, he’s probably right. He can do it better.

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