Guillermo del Toro, being the mensch that he is, went back online this week (hey, it’s not a holiday week in Mexico) to talk more details about The Hobbit. Of course, there aren’t many details left to share at this point—filming doesn’t begin until 2010, and they haven’t even figured out the shortlist for Bilbo yet. But the conversation at contains a few small tidbits that at least the diehard del Toro and Hobbit fans will enjoy.

First of all, he promises lots of creatures and puppets on the scale of the ones in Hellboy 2, focusing on some of the creatures who barely showed up in Lord of the Rings. ”We will be pushing the goblin kingdom. We will be pushing Smaug, the Spiders of Mirkwood. We will be pushing them to the edge of technology where we will fuse animatronics and CGI into a seamless new art form in creating creatures.” Sounds cool, but who will be helping him pull it off? None other than several of his Hellboy creators, if del Toro has his way. “[Mike] Mignola [creator of Hellboy and writer of the movies], [Wayne] Barlowe [visual designer], Spectral Motion, Guillermo Navarro [cinematographer] and others…”

Del Toro’s most exciting promises, as usual, come on the visual effects front. “You will see some mind-boggling mixture of CGI / Puppetry like never before. The demarcation of where one technique ends and the other begins will NOT be as clean as in HBII or BLADE II or PAN’S LABYRINTH. I am going to push further than ever on both fronts.” At this point we’re all just ready for del Toro to stop making promises and make the movie already, but hey, these things take time. At least he’s continuing to keep the fans posted, and hey, we might be learning about Bilbo soon!

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