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Ever notice how popular the last name Marshall is among directors? Just off the top of my head, we have Penny Marshall, Rob Marshall, Garry Marshall, and now Neil Marshall is making a name for himself. The latter may not have directed A League Of Their Own, Chicago or Pretty Woman, but The Descent certainly has every right to exist, if only because it made my roommate scream like a little girl in front of some chick he liked. She never agreed to a second date, and I still bring it up when I’m feeling like a douche bag. More recently, Neil Marshall made the moderately well-received Centurian, but he’s already hard at work on a slew of projects including one we’re just now hearing about.

According to Live For Films, the director is in the middle of writing an original alien invasion flick that would bisect World War II. Marshall is particularly known for hopping between places. He’s done Scotland, Rome and the inside of caves previously; so, Germany seems like a logical next step.

Despite both being savaged by critics, The Battle Of Los Angeles and Skyline performed decently at the box office. Cowboys Vs Aliens should continue that trend. If Marshall’s still untitled movie can be made on a small enough budget, it seems very likely a studio will make it happen. Until then, the director could very likely get excited about something else and reshift his efforts. We shall see.
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