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Politics is always a dicey subject and we always want CB to be a place where movie fans can come together. Sometimes, however, the politicians bring themselves into our sphere and we just can’t help ourselves. We’ve all seen the movies that warn us of the dangers of time travel. Even Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush has seen the movies, but still he refuses to heed their warning. Case in point: Jeb Bush just admitted he'd go back in time in order to kill baby Hitler.

When your presidential campaign goes for the better part of a decade, as I’m fairly certain this one already has, eventually the media runs out of questions to ask. This has led to the Huffington Post asking Jeb Bush if, given the opportunity, would he travel in time in order to kill Hitler as a baby. While we understand the knee jerk reaction one would have to such a question, Bush is in full support, even while conscious of the potential ramifications.
The problem with going back in history and doing that, as we know from the series — what was the name of the Michael Fox movies? — Back to the Future, is that it could have a dangerous effect on everything else. But I’d do it. I mean, Hitler.

So he heard Doc Brown, but he apparently didn’t listen. I mean, we just had Back to the Future Day, and you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting news stories about Back to the Future. Were you truly not paying attention? Of course we have to point out that the film in which Marty goes back and changes the past may not be the best gauge of the issues with time travel, everything pretty much worked out better for everybody but Biff after his time in 1955. Still the issue isn’t that different in the sequel. By performing an action because of knowledge of the future, you have an effect on that future. Right now there is probably an alternate timeline where Jeb Bush killed baby Hitler and who knows what that world looks like. Space aliens may have invaded. They may have never canceled New Coke. We don’t know. It could be chaos.

We have to assume that though Bush is familiar with Back to the Future he apparently doesn’t watch Doctor Who. They had an episode that specifically deals with the idea of killing Hitler and it doesn’t work out well for anybody involved. The philosophical problem is referred to as the butterfly effect. Bush probably never saw that movie either, but then again who did?

The responsible use of time travel is an issue that should be a concern to all voters. We can’t just go sending Terminators back in time to kill people in the past. Eventually, you get a timeline where they make movies like Terminator: Genisys, and that’s not a world any of us want to live in.