Kurt Russell’s no stranger to the tough-guy act, nor is he unfamiliar with comedy, so his role in the upcoming film The Black Marks, which is described as a heist comedy, sounds like a good fit for the actor. The same could be said for Matt Dillon, who’s also on board to star in the movie, which now officially has a distributor.

Weinstein Company’s Bob Weinstein made the announcement today that Dimension Films has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to The Black Marks. The film will begin production this month.

Written by Jonathan Sobol, The Black Marks stars Russell, Dillon and Jay Baruchel and follows Crunch Calhoun (Russell), a “a third rate motorcycle daredevil and semi-reformed art thief,” who turns back to crime for one more job, along with his brother Nicky (Dillon). Neither brother realizes that the other has their own agenda and things go awry. Also among the cast is Jay Baruchel, though Dimension's release doesn’t specify where he fits into the story. Perhaps he’s part of the team Crunch assembles when planning the art theft.

On an aside, Crunch Calhoun? Kurt Russell’s played some very memorable roles, but looking over his list of credits, the man has also had some pretty amazing character names. Snake Plissken, Reno Hightower, Dean Proffitt (can’t leave out Overboard), Gabriel Cash, and of course, Wyatt Earp are among some of his previous character names. We also have “Ace Woody” to look forward to in the upcoming Django Unchained, and now Crunch Calhoun for The Black Marks. It's a good name.

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