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Are Disney's 3D Re-Releases Helping People Change Their Minds About 3D?

Faced with the massive box office success of Disney's re-release of The Lion King in 3D, Sean O'Connell wrote a piece for us two weeks ago suggesting five more movies the studio ought to convert into the third dimension. I'm choosing to believe Disney was listening, since yesterday they announced they will indeed release four more of their movies in 3D, including Pixar greats like Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc., the long-planned Beauty and the Beast 3D conversion, and The Little Mermaid, which was the only one of Sean's suggestions to make the cut.

To be fair, I don't think any of us were thinking Pixar when imagining what else Disney might give a 3D conversion . The studio has had huge success with 3D releases like Up and Toy Story 3, but with The Lion King they seemed to be aiming for the nostalgia of 20 and 30-somethings around my age, and I think we all figured the next releases would follow suit. Of all the suggestions Sean gave in the original piece, the most commenters seemed to think Aladdin was the best choice, with some picks for Fantasia and a wild card pick of The Fox and the Hound. Over on the Facebook post one person supported Sean's pick of The Little Mermaid, one chimed in (maybe ironically) for the controversial Song of the South, and one person stood up for Pete's Dragon, a really left-field choice that I kinda dig anyway.

But the vast, vast majority of commenters seemed to think the 3D trend needed to end, including these Disney re-releases. When yesterday's news broke there were definitely people saying that too, but a little more excitement too-- and that's just two weeks after the Lion King 3D re-release. So I'm wondering-- if you've changed your mind and are now really looking forward to The Little Mermaid on the big screen in 3D, what made you change? Are there certain Disney movies that seem better to see in 3D, like the more modern Pixar movies, or have you just realized that the fun of seeing a classic movie on the big screen is worth it, even if the 3D seems silly?

Vote in the poll below, and more important, chime in on the comments section letting us know if you changed your mind about 3D thanks to The Lion King or one of the other Disney re-releases. It's important not just to satisfy my curiosity, but as a good gauge of where 3D is headed from here. If the studios figure out that classic re-releases are the way to keep the profitable format alive, this will be far from the last we've seen of those dreaded glasses and the higher ticket prices.

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