Experienced commercials director Fredrik Bond started inching his way toward feature films back in 2008, when he was being considered for a remake of the Korean monster movie The Host, to be produced by Gore Verbinski. That movie seems to have gone nowhere in particular, and Bond has now gotten wrapped up with another trendy project at Disney, where they're already trying to figure out how to clone Tron: Legacy.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Bond is being considered to direct Hovercar 3-D, an adaptation of the young adult sci-fi novel by Matthew Reilly about a hovercar driver forced to outrun corrupt government officials. The idea seems to be to replicate all the futuristic chase scenes in Tron: Legacy, but this time with more flying! It's definitely not the worst idea they've had, I'll give them that.

The project has been lingering over at Disney for six years now, but with Tron: Legacy close to hitting theaters the studio is understandably more gung-ho, particularly with that added "3-D" as a promise of more revenue. The books also come as a series of adventures, which has execs at Disney also thinking the magic Harry Potter world. Clearly Hovercar is a marketing dream; whether or not it's a good movie idea seems to be totally secondary .

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