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Disney's Next CG Movie Wreck-It-Ralph Reveals First Look At Title Art

Disney Animation finally hit their stride with Tangled, and hopefully that’s a sign of good things to come from the once great studio now that they’ve really settled in to using computer animation. Their next movie, called Wreck-It-Ralph is a pretty brilliant premise. It’s about an 8-bit video game villain who sets out to prove he’s actually a good guy.

Disney’s D23 expo is happening right now and they’ve been showing off Wreck-It-Ralph as part of their film presentation this morning. During the panel they’ve offered a few new details on the film, and even shown off some footage. Apparently the lead character, Wreck-It-Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) has joined a group called “Bad-Anon”, where video game villains get to talk about their issues. And at some point in the footage they showed Wreck-It gets a few witty retorts in. For instance when told “You’re nothing but a two-bit thug!” he responds “That’s where you’re wrong. I’m 8-Bit!”

As the story progresses at some point Wreck-It-Ralph will end up in a game called “Sugar Rush”, described as “a deceptively sweet world made all out of candy that holds a deceptive secret that could mean the end of the arcade.”

So how exactly do you make an 8-bit character look good in today’s CGI-slick world? Disney hasn’t released a first look at the character, but they have sent out the movie’s title art. Take a look:

In addition to Reilly as Wreck-It-Ralph the movie features the voice talents of Sarah Silverman as Vanellope Von Schweetz, the hero of Sugar Rush, Jane Lynch as Sgt. Calhoun from a first person shooter, and Jack McBrayer as Fix-It-Felix. Expect it Wreck-It-Ralph in theaters November 2, 2012.