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Pixar's Pete Docter is on top of the world right now, with Up sitting atop the box office for the second week in the row and receiving critical raves the likes of which we haven't seen since, uh, Wall-E. For any other director this would be a period of massive speculation, as he decided which studio to approach with his next project, what to take on next, and how to immediately get a sequel greenlit.

But Pixar is different, as we know, and we can be guaranteed that Docter's next project will be at Pixar and won't be an Up sequel. But what about a second visit to Monsters, Inc.? Word is coming from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas that Disney told several buyers that a Monsters sequel is in the works. Slashfilm, which picked up on the report from Jim Hill, speculates based on some admittedly sketchy evidence that the movie will be coming in 2013.

Docter has suggested in the past that he's thought about a Monsters sequel, and it makes more sense than most for sequel treatment. At the end of the film Sulley and Mike are still working their same job, and in the finale frame Sulley is reunited with Boo, which means continued adventures with those two. We won't know until Toy Story 3 if Pixar can really get away with sequels when seemingly no one else can pull it off, but given their 10-film winning streak, my hopes are high. Still, would you rather see Docter revisit these old characters rather than taking on something new?