Divergent Abnegation

By comparison to some of the other images we've seen of the feature adaptation of Veronica Roth's popular young adult dystopian novel Divergent, this latest still isn't very exciting. But something tells me that's the whole point. Glamour and excitement aren't exactly a big part of the daily regimen for those in the Abnegation, and that faction is presumably what we're looking at here. Note the gray attire, not to mention sibling characters Beatrice and Caleb Prior, played by Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

Are we looking at the choosing ceremony? Or is this some other scene depicting Tris and Caleb with their faction?

For those unfamiliar with the book on which Divergent is based, the story follows Beatrice "Tris" Prior, a teen living in dystopian Chicago, where society is broken up into five factions, which determine a person's way of life. The story begins with her learning she's Divergent, which means she has traits suitable for multiple factions and she'll never fully fit into any one faction. She must keep her Divergent status a secret as she chooses her faction and begins her training. At the start of the story, Tris and her brother Caleb are both part of the Abnegation faction, as are their parents. Abnegation people are known for their selflessness. They also avoid mirrors and wear all gray, which is why I'm fairly certain the above photo is from a scene at the start of the story. It's barely a spoiler to note that Tris chooses to depart her family's faction, trading selflessness for bravery - kind of - by choosing Dauntless.

If you've seen some of the other photos from the film, you know that things get more exciting for Tris after her Choosing ceremony, but I like that this new still presumably gives us a look at Tris in her "before" period. For some contrast, here's one of the previously posted photos, which shows Tris dressed in black and tattooed as she trains to fight:

Tris training

Woodley has a number of book adaptations in the works, one of which also happens to star Elgort. Set to begin production later this month is The Fault in Our Stars, which has Woodley playing a terminally ill patient. Elgort will play the guy she meets, who drastically affects her life. That one's not to be confused with The Spectacular Now, which is in theaters now. But if you are having trouble separating Divergent, The Spectacular Now and The Fault in Our Stars, what with the cast overlap and young adult themes, check out the helpful infographic at the bottom of this story.

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