Divergent's Shailene Woodley Shouts Out To Miles Teller’s ‘Oiled Up Abs’ In Funny And Sweet Top Gun: Maverick Post

Miles Teller in Top Gun: Maverick
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Top Gun: Maverick has become the pre-summer blockbuster to see. Moviegoers have been posting all over social media about their cinematic experiences. Of course, Hollywood stars were no exception. One star had a special connection to one of the film’s stars. After watching the high-flying blockbuster, Shailene Woodley had to gush about her former co-star Miles Teller and his “work.” But it wasn’t all praise as the Hollywood star jokingly shouted out Teller’s oiled-up abs in a funny and sweet post about the sequel.

Shailene Woodley couldn’t help but poke fun at her former co-star after his film had a record-setting Memorial Day opening weekend. But Woodley could call out Teller’s oiled-up abdominal muscles on Instagram after co-starring in Divergent films and the coming-of-age drama Spectacular Now with him. It wasn’t all jokes for the actress as she hyped up her friend’s box office success. If you want to see what Woodley had to say about the Maverick star and his blockbuster film, check out her Instagram post below.

If you can’t uplift and joke about your friends in the same breath, then, what’s the point? She gave little sister vibes by placing her finger close to his nostril. That’s a nice touch after pointing out her Spectacular Now co-star’s perfectly well-oiled abs, which could be praise rather than a joke after the amount of work he and his cast went through to achieve those beach bodies. But jokes aside, Woodley was proud of this milestone in Teller’s acting career as she praised his talent for grounding the big-budget movie.

#milesteller gave the world everything you want but rarely get in a blockbuster film… and he did it all with such subtlety you barely knew it was happening. fuck, he really is such a wildly talented actor, and it made my heart explode watching him do his thing in this. I’m beyond happy for him and this entire @topgunmovie team… thank you for giving the world this gift. Miles, you deserve every ounce of this exciting moment.

There’s nothing like praising another actor for what they bring to a project. Of course, viewers have known about Teller’s capabilities with his performances in films like Whiplash, Bleed for This, and Only the Brave. But starring in a Tom Cruise-led action flick highlighted those skills on a larger scale.

Getting all this praise must have eased the Project X actor’s mind after he almost turned down the chance to play Rooster over fears of the attention and success a big movie like Maverick would bring. In the end, doing the film worked out for Teller, especially after that “cathartic” final scene he and Cruise shared. The fighter pilot blockbuster and its cast received high praise from critics and viewers alike with some saying the sequel improved on the original film in multiple ways.

You can see what all the hype is about by going to the theater to watch Top Gun: Maverick. If you want to see what other projects Miles Teller will appear in, just check out our 2022 movie schedule.

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