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Doctor Who Does Horror: First Official Pic Of David Tennant In Fright Night

Doctor Who fans have been waiting for David Tennant to get the breakout role he deserves since his departure from the hallowed, long-running British science fiction series. Thus far, it hasn’t happened. Maybe Fright Night will be his big break.

Tennant co-stars in the film as a Vegas magician named Peter Vincent. specializing in horror-themed tricks. Till now, though we’ve seen images featuring the other stars of the film, we haven’t seen much of Tennant other than this banner snapped at a Hardrock Hotel. Here’s our first official look, in the form of an actual photo of Tennant in character as Vincent. Check it out:

Fright Night is a remake of the same named horror movie from the 80s. This version stars Anton Yelchin as a high school senior with a vampire for a neighbor. The vampire is played by an appropriately creepy Colin Farrell.