Doctor Who's Karen Gillan Gets Her Own Rom-Com

Doctor Who is currently in its sixth season on BBC (and on BBC America here in the States) and it’s the best show on television you probably aren’t watching. Acclaimed though the last few incarnations of the series have been, somehow that hasn’t really translated into much mainstream success for most of the cast. Maybe that’ll change when the tenth doctor David Tennant rocks your socks off as Peter Vincent in Fright Night, or maybe it’ll change when the eleventh Doctor’s companion becomes a rom-com star.

Karen Gillan, who currently stars on Doctor Who as the fiery, adventurous Amy Pond opposite Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor, has just landed a role in a Scottish comedy called Not Another Happy Ending. Screen Daily says Gillan would play a “beautiful but eccentric writer of miserable, but best selling fiction”. One problem, now that she’s successful she’s not feeling so miserable, and her newfound happiness is giving her writer’s block. Her publisher played by Emun Elliott, then sets out to make her life miserable to get her writing again. It’s a rom-com, so yeah, along the way he falls in love. Who can blame him? It’s Karen Gillan.

Not Another Happy Ending is an indie production written by David Solomoms and being produced by Synchronicity Films. Translation: You’ll probably have to put some legwork in if you want to see it. It’s not likely to show up at your local megaplex any time soon. But if you’re a Doctor Who fan (and if you’re not, get working on that), you know that Gillan’s worth the effort.

Josh Tyler