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When The Hangover became such an enormous hit this summer, its director Todd Phillips finally moved on from being just the director of 2003's Old School, and started making plans right and left to capitalize on that movie's success. Until that moment we'd been hearing nonstop rumors about a potential Old School sequel, but especially in the wake of The Hangover, the whole notion was seeming totally dead.

But that's not quite true, according to Vince Vaughn. Collider caught up with the Old School star at a junket for Couple's Retreat, and while he didn't have any promises about whether the movie would ever actually happen, he said not to give up hope. "I wouldn’t say never. I know he’s (Todd Phillips) doing “Hangover” and has those things to do. There has been a script for it which is actually pretty good."

Stars make vague promises all the time about being in potential sequels that will never actually happen, but mentioning that a script exists is much rarer. I'd still put even money on Old School 2 never happening, but if Vince Vaughn hasn't given up hope, neither should you.