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THR was quick to jump to the conclusion that current vampire movie monopolizers at Summit Entertainment are putting together a remake (or re-imagining) of the classic Dracula. Charlie Hunnam, who you can catch on Sons of Anarchy, sold a script to Summit called Vlad, which does not say to me that this will be a movie about Dracula in the traditional sense of the term. But of course, I could be dead wrong.

Calling the script Vlad says to me that this will be about the story of Romanian emperor Vlad Dracula, who was decidedly not a blood-sucking fearer of wood and onions. He was just generally a pretty brutal guy who wanted to take vengeance for the murder of his father and brother, which he eventually achieves. This would make an infinitely better story than that of just remaking the same old Dracula we've all seen 100 times, so if we can just get a note to the higher ups at Summit and let them know this, that would make my life better.

Anthony Mandler is signed on to direct, earning the job by “wowing” the folks at Summit with his demo reel. Summit hopes Mandler's style will bring a new “edge” to their film. Brad Pitt with produce through his Plan B company, with producers hoping to kick start the career of a new and promising talent.

The story of Vlad the Impaler is intriguing, dramatic, and full of action. His life was one of tragedy and hateful vengeance and nothing plays better on film than filthy, unadulterated gore. But is there a chance the Twilight producers will do anything 14-year-old girls won't like? Probably not. Should this actually be Vlad's story, I'll be very interested to see it, but if not, the film is just going to get lost in the shuffle.

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