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E-Trade Babies Movie Now Ripping Off Toy Story 3

We stocked up on extra supplies of Advil at Cinema Blend headquarters last spring, when Eric gave himself a massive concussion reporting the news that Fox was developing a movie based on the E-Trade commercials featuring talking babies. It wasn't just the depressing comeback of talking babies, six years after we barely survived Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, but the fact that the whole thing was going to be based on a damn series of commercials. Come on, Hollywood, stop letting us know exactly how stupid you think we are.

Sadly, the nearly year-long absence in news about the project didn't meant it had died; THR reports that the studio is now developing the movie further as a family adventure movie about babies breaking out of a daycare. Yes, it seems that Fox executives saw Toy Story 3 and decided to make their own version, but with creepy talking children instead of animated toys we've grown to love over generations.

To make matters worse, they've fired the person who might have been able to make something out of this-- Katie Dippold, a writer for Parks and Recreation. They're ditching her draft and searching for a new writer who will work with direct Clay Weiner, most recently of something called Fred: The Movie and episodes of the Spike TV series Blue Mountain State. I have no idea what Weiner might bring to the table good or bad, but let's be serious here: what are the odds that a movie featuring babies is going to be anything but crassly commercial and kinda creepy? I'm not going to pull an Eric and proceed to banging my head against the wall; I think crawling under the covers and giving up the rest of the day should suffice.

UPDATE: For anyone still curious, this is Fred: The Movie:

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