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After Earth Official Site Offers Details On Jaden Smith's Character And An Ark Invitation

Earlier this month, we saw the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming sci-fi adventure film After Earth. While we still have until June to wait for the film to arrive in theaters, the website for the movie gives us a bit more information about Jaden Smith's character. And those who want to immerse themselves further into the story ahead of the feature's release might check out the first novella that's been released.

After Earth stars Will and Jaden Smith as a father and son who find themselves stranded on earth one thousand years after humanity was forced to leave the planet due to cataclysmic events. The recently released trailer introduces us to Smith and Smith's characters as they crash-land on earth and attempt to stay alive on a hostile planet. The website for the film gives us a few more details about Ranger Cadet Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith). Click the image below to see the site.

Scrolling down from the load page, we're given a list of details about Kitai, including his age (13), height, weight, and some facts about his life. He has a sister who has died, and he's described as "skillful but reckless." That'll probably make things interesting when he's trying to stay alive on earth. Scrolling further down, we see Kitai using his cutlass, the bo-staff-like weapon we glimpsed a few times in the trailer. More information on that is included at the bottom of the page.

Over on the right, there are more options, including "The Movie," which takes us to a page that offers additional images, character information and the trailer, along with this video, which gives us a brief rundown of the history of humanity leading up to man's exodus from earth. This includes a few mentions of the Raige family, who played a role in origins of this story and who are presumably the ancestors of Cypher and Kitai.

The site also includes a page for "Project Next Generation," which tells people to "Apply Now" if they want to be among the 750,000 men, women and children who will escape from earth. The other option is to never leave.

Clicking Apply Now at the site takes you to the After Earth Facebook page.

When we attended the After Earth panel at Comic Con this summer, we learned that, in addition to the upcoming film, a comic, novel and prequel novella series were planned. It looks like those have begun rolling out, as there's an option on the site to "explore the After Earth universe," which links us to After Earth Ghost Stories: Hunted, the first eBook in the six-part eBook novella series, which lead up to the events in the film. There is also After Earth: Innocence, the prequel comic book series, which from the looks of it, goes a bit further back in the story.

Between the site, the comic and the novella series, those anticipating the film, which is scheduled to land June 7, 2013, have something to keep them busy, entertained and informed about the movie for now.