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When you’re casting a movie like My Week With Marilyn or Les Misérables and a name like Eddie Redmayne comes up, nobody should doubt that Redmayne can nail the roles. It becomes a different thing altogether when you’re trying to figure out who should play one of the most iconic living individuals on the planet, genius physicist Stephen Hawking.

But Redmayne appears to be that guy, according to Deadline’s sources, and he’d be portraying Hawking in Theory of Everything for Les Mis producers Working Title. It will be directed by James Marsh (Shadow Dancer), who won the Best Documentary Oscar for 2008’s Man on Wire, and the screenplay was written by Anthony McCarten (Death of a Superhero).

Redmayne would be moving from heavy science fiction – he’s currently filming the Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending - to hard science, as Hawking is world renowned for his boundless intelligence, but also for his devilish wit. The fact that Hawking’s decades-long battle with ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's Disease) has confined him to a wheelchair and an electronic communication system puts a very specific constraint on an actor’s ability, though the film may take place in Hawking’s younger years, before the disease worsened.

It doesn’t help that the only plot description says the film will focus on the relationship between Hawking and his wife, without mentioning which wife they’re referring to. Given Redmayne’s age, it’s likely to be his first wife, Jane Wilde. The story does mention they’re actively discussing who will play this female lead.

If you need proof that Hawking's influence extends well beyond the world of science, here's a mashup of his many appearances on The Simpsons and Futurama-- yes, playing himself.