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Elizabeth Banks Has The Morning After From Hell In First Walk Of Shame Trailer

On the heels of the horribly Photoshopped poster that was released earlier this week, we now have the debut trailer for the new comedy Walk of Shame, courtesy of Yahoo! While it's not the funniest spot I've seen, there is something about it that makes me want to reserve judgement until I've seen more.

Written and directed by Steven Brill, whose previous credits include the Adam Sandler comedies Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds, the film tells the tale of Meghan Miles (Elizabeth Banks), a TV reporter who dreams of one day getting to sit in the anchor's chair. Alone and miserable one night, she lets her friends talk her into going out partying, which results in plenty of drunkenness, meeting a cute boy (James Marsden) and going home with him. The next morning she wakes up to learn that she is going to get her shot as a network news anchor, but suddenly realizes what terrible trouble she is in: her car has been towed with all of her belongings in it and she's stuck in a dangerous part of town. Without ID, phone or money she must make her way across Los Angeles in eight hours in order to make her dream come true.

Watching the trailer I couldn't help but feel like something was off, as it didn't make sense to me that a movie with a title as perverse as Walk of Shame would play all of its elements so tame. The good news, though, is that the movie has already been given an R-rating, which means the movie will be filled with plenty more adult material. Green band trailers rarely do a real R-rated comedy justice, so hopefully we'll get a red band trailer sooner rather than later so that we can really gauge what to expect from the full feature.

I'm also partially willing to keep myself enthused for this project simply because of Elizabeth Banks. She has put on some really terrific supporting roles both on television and in movies in the last few years, and it's fantastic that she is finally being rewarded with a starring role. Hopefully the material is worthy of her talents.

It's clear who the star is, but Brill has surrounded Banks with a pretty great comedic supporting cast. Community's Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright play Meghan's best friends in the film, who are searching for her after she goes missing, and other recognizable faces include Ethan Suplee, Kevin Nealon, Bill Burr, Tig Notaro, Lawrence Gilliard Jr. and Oliver Hudson. You'll be able to see Walk of Shame when it hits theaters on April 25th.

Walk of Shame Poster

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