Summit Entertainment's marketing campaign for their new crime-thriller Man on Ledge has been pretty predictable thus far. First there was a promotional poster that boasted a dizzying view, along with its star-studded cast that includes Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris and Anthony Mackie.

Then came its first trailer, which breathlessly unwound the twisted tale of an accused man seeking to clear his name from the ledge of a Manhattan skyscraper, followed by an extended trailer that provided greater context to this seemingly baffling premise. But, in case all this failed to gain your interest in the nearly literal cliffhanger, Summit Entertainment puts forward some new and unconventional marketing ploys, like a commentary track trailer, and shockingly low ticket prices.

First up, Summit presents a new cut of the first trailer that features a charismatic commentary by Elizabeth Banks, who plays an NYPD negotiator brought in to save this Man on Ledge. (What a curious parallel…) Below Banks gives some insight to the film's production on location in New York City, its "crazy" plot twists, and her major crush on silver fox Ed Harris.

While expectations are low for this January release, if Banks is able to inject half of the vitality and whimsy into Man on Ledge that she did into the above commentary, audience will likely come away happy with this diamond heist adventure. However, if you are still unconvinced that Man on Ledge is worth your movie-going moolah, Summit offers one last incentive:

Available for sale now, two tickets for just $12. Check out the details at Living Social.

Man on Ledge opens tomorrow.

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