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Ellen Ripley And Maeby Funke Headed To Cedar Rapids

It has been less than a week since Anne Heche was announced as Ed Helms' co-star in the up-coming Cedar Rapids, but considering that the film has already started shooting, it comes as no surprise that three actors have been rapidly added to the cast, if not only to give the two leads some company on screen.

According to Variety, Sigourney Weaver, John C. Reilly and Alia Shawkat (best known as Maeby Fünke from Arrested Development) have signed on to the Miguel Arteta-directed comedy about a Midwestern insurance agent who travels to a convention to try and save the jobs of his co-workers. While Shawkat's roles is still unknown, Weaver will be playing Helms' seventh-grade teacher, but it is not yet known how her character fits into the story. Reilly is playing a fellow convention-goer treating the event as his own personal vacation.

The Reilly casting isn't really news-- his role was announced in September, actually--and it's great to see an Arrested Development star get some work, but it's really nice to see Sigourney Weaver back. Obviously she is one of the bigger players in the upcoming Avatar, but it's hard to remember the last time he had a major role. The woman used to be Ellen Ripley AND Dana Barrett! Certainly she still has some geek cred to rollover, but perhaps that over 40 rule is true. All we can really hope for is that she doesn't turn into Diane Keaton.

Eric Eisenberg
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