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Now 20 years old, Emma Roberts is at a point in her career where she has to separate herself from the movies she did when she was younger - like Nancy Drew, Aquamarine and Hotel For Dogs - and start taking on more mature roles. She's already done a solid job of doing so, starring in the indie comedy It's Kind of A Funny Story and the upcoming Scream 4, but now she ready to enter the adult world by literally entering Adult World.

The Playlist reports that Roberts has signed on to star in the coming-of-age film, which will be directed by Scott Coffey. The actress will play a recent college grad who wants to become a poet, but is "stuck working in a mom-and-pop bookstore." The site also reports that the production is looking for a male lead and an "older character," though nobody has yet been cast.

Roberts has actually been building up some pretty strong indie cred recently, having also starred in What's Wrong With Virginia and Homework in addition to the aforementioned Funny Story, while also keeping her face in the mainstream as well. If she keeps this up, a transition into a legitimate adult acting career could easily be had.

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