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This Is The End Blooper Reel Clip Is Funny But Too Short

I’m still somewhat surprised that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s celebri-pocalypse comedy This is the End exists, much less stands as one of the funniest films we've seen this year. For anyone who liked it the movie, one of the first thoughts the mind went to walking out of the theater might have been, “I wonder what kind of jokes didn’t make it into the film” - knowing that home releases for comedies are usually loaded with alternate takes, extended scenes and blooper reels. The film’s Blu-ray and DVD hit stores today, and MTV has released an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray’s blooper feature, as seen above. Lasting less than 90 seconds, the clip is just long enough to get me interested, but short enough to piss me off that it isn’t funnier. Well played, whoever chose this section to give MTV.

At the same time, this video might still be too long for some. It's no secret that there are good number of people dislike many of the actors making up the cast of this movie (Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel are largely absent when the Internet namecalling happens), but I enjoy them all enough consistently that I didn’t mind listening to about 90 minutes of one-liners and 17 minutes of "other stuff." The fact that this clip heavily features Robinson is only a coincidence I’m sure. It’s a shame that the cursing gets bleeped, since there’s so much of it. Not everybody needs to hear Danny McBride say “dick” a bunch of times, but it’s become such a natural thing to hear at this point in his career. Can you imagine if Fox aired an edited version of Eastbound and Down?

Rogen also told MTV his theory behind what made this comedy work for both critics and audiences. “I think a lot of movies with big casts do a thing where they break everyone up and distribute the people throughout the movie and maybe there’s one scene that they’re all in together,” he said. “We really went out of our way to not do that. A lot of the movie is all six of us together in one room…It’s really hard to get them to pay attention, but once you do, they’re very, very funny.” Experiences are usually made funnier when a group of friends are around, even if there are one or two odd ones out. This Is The End is the perfect kind of movie to watch in a group setting. Sure, people might end up laughing or talking over the plethora of jokes made in the movie, but it gives it a better rewatch value, I suppose.

If you’re still unsure about buying the horror comedy you check out the first nine minutes of the film, courtesy of the film’s YouTube page. This is before the apocalypse stuff in the movie goes down, but you’ll get the hint. It's just a shame that they didn't title this video “This is the Beginning.”

Nick Venable

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