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Entourage Trailer Delivers Glamor, Drama And Ton Of Cameos

We haven't seen a brand new trailer for Entourage since the first spot for the movie debuted just before Christmas, but Warner Bros. has no unleashed the second preview for the movie, which you can catch in the embed below:

Written and directed by Entourage creator Doug Ellin, the movie looks like it picks up right where the show left off - with Jeremy Piven's Ari Gold becoming the head of a studio - and it looks like fans can expect all the different varieties of crazy antics that made the show a big hit with fans. There's beautiful women, displays of opulent wealth, and, naturally, plenty of celebrity cameos.

It's the selection of cameos that's a bit head-scratching at times, however. There are obviously some that make plenty of sense, like Mark Wahlberg (who was a producer on the series) and Tom Brady (who previously made a cameo on the show), but some appearances are rather surprising. For example, how did multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett get in here?

Warren Buffett

And what about Kelsey Grammer?

Kelsey Grammer

But the strange appearances aren't limited to just the credits at the end. Eagle-eyed fans will spot the likes of Bob Saget (at the 22 second mark):

Bob Saget

Gary Busey (at the 23 second mark):

Gary Busey

A gun-weilding Haley Joel Osment (at about 1:20):

Haley Joel Osment

And even a perplexed Billy Bob Thornton (at 1:02):

Billy Bob Thornton

One can imagine one of the enjoyable elements of the Entourage movie simple being the test to see how many cameos you can name. Honestly, there are probably even more non-credited appearances that I didn't catch while watching this trailer - but you can feel free to point them out in the comments section below.

In a crowded summer season, Entourage will hope to show serious box office strength when it is released by Warner Bros. on June 5th.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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