Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez And Olivia Munn On Board For Scott Derrickson's Beware The Night

By no means a perfect film, the gritty and eerie SInister was definitely the best of director Scott Derrickson’s three films (the others being The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Day the Earth Stood Still). He and writing partner Paul Harris Boardman have an impressive slate of films on the horizon, including the Poltergeist remake and the non-horror Devil’s Knot, the film based on the West Memphis Three. Their next project,however, is the supernatural thriller Beware the Night, and it has landed three of its lead actors.

Coming Soon reports the film will star Édgar Ramírez, Olivia Munn and>Eric Bana, who was already attached back in November. Beware the Night will be produced by Screen Gems and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.

Bana was last seen in the crime thriller Deadfall, and will next be in John Crowley’s terrorism trial thriller Closed Circuit. You’ll remember Ramírez from his roles in Wrath of the Titans and Zero Dark Thirty, and just recently signed on to star with Robert De Niro in the true-life boxing drama Hands of Stone. Olivia Munn, famous for her work on G4’s Attack of the Show, has been steadily establishing herself as an actress of questionable talent as of late, starring in HBO’s The Newsroom, Jay Chandrasekhar's The Babymakers, and last year's Magic Mike.

Beware the Night pairs a New York City cop with a "renegade priest" as they investigate a crime that the holy man swears is demon-related. They must work together to battle the spirits haunting them. You know, just another night on the force.

“'Beware the Night is a project we’ve been developing for many years, confident that a story which combines the paranormal with a gritty New York City police story is both original and strongly appealing to audiences,” said Bruckheimer in an official statement. “We’re also thrilled to have Eric Bana, Edgar Ramírez and Olivia Munn, three really fine actors whose strongly defined roles in Beware the Night will allow them to give full range to their skills.”

The film begins production on May 20th in the Bronx. If you can’t have real demons, you might have well have real New York.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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