The red-band trailer for Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead reboot was stomach-turning … and rabid fans of Sam Raimi’s original trilogy wouldn’t have it any other way. But knowing that the horror film is going to have to lure in casual horror fans, as well, if they hope to turn a serious buck, Tri-Star Pictures wisely cut a moderately safer green-band trailer, which they shared over the weekend. We have it for you below:

If you were brave enough to endure the shockingly gross red-band trailer, you’ll recognize a lot of the same beats in this tease. We still get innocent campers holed up in a cabin in the woods who open the Book of the Dead, unleashing a full slate of vicious terrors that are funneled through – in this telling – the lead role of Mia (played by Jane Levy of the television show Suburgatory).

The new clip dials down the vomiting blood and horror-movie carnage, but still sells the insane amount of wicked-spirit craziness that Alvarez and his producers, Raimi and Bruce Campbell, want to bring to this re-telling of their beloved film. And, of course, that chilling shot of Mia singing to her potential victims from the place where they’ve locked her in the basement is just … I get goosebumps.

We already know that we’ll be in line to see the new Evil Dead when it world-premieres at the South By Southwest Film Festival in March. The Paramount Theatre in Austin is an ideal venue for horror fans to scream along at the tops of their lungs as they get their first look at the scares in store for Dead. After, the movie will open on April 12, so stay tuned.

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